You walk into Halcyon Cafe and see cozy couches and chairs thoughtfully arranged around vintage tables.  Someone reads a book in a nearby window seat.  There’s a bar on the other side, and it’s shaped all funny – so is the long table behind it.  They are both scalloped, curving in and out so that patrons face towards one another.  Good spot to meet people.

The walls are covered in gorgeous art, and vines grow toward the ceiling between it.  It’s like a garden/living room in here. There are silly games like Set and Battleship as well as books and magazines spread out through the cafe.  You spot a patron choose a book from a shelf labeled The Favorite Book Project.  Another signs up for Open Mic night.

There is a fundraising thermometer near the bar next to information about a project that will benefit the community.  A corkboard labeled “Volunteer!” catches your eye. The person behind the bar smiles and waves as they change the music from The Xx to K-os.  You decide you better stay for a treat…or, like, ten.

floor plan(click to enlarge)

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