We buy local whenever possible.  All food is vegan, organic, and gluten-free unless otherwise noted.  Veggies change with the seasons.

Snacks. Coconut popcorn, veggies and dip, cashew cheeses and artisan crackers.  $2-7.

Sweet Treats.
 Soft serve and/or fresh fruit with yummy natural toppings. A variety of freshly baked noms.  $5-6.  Add bubbly or vino for $1 off.

Salads and bowls. Superb fresh produce and toppings tossed in herb-centric housemade dressings.  Add quinoa or brown rice to make ‘er a bowl.  $6-9.

Sides. Mashed baby reds, carmelized onions, grilled portabella, broccoli and almonds, crispy brussels, many specials.  Eat a few for a whole meal.  $2-5.

Entrees.  From scratch veggie burgers, sandwiches (Dave’s Killer bread available), soups, spiralized and quinoa pastas. $4-14.

Specials.  Sumptuous dishes inspired by seasonal produce and shaped by our Chef’s creativity.  $15-25.

Coffee, espresso, tea. Raven’s Brew with organic syrups. Cream available from a local conscious dairy.  Amazing hot and cold teas. $2-5.

Beer and wine. Lots of bubbly and favorite brews and wines of the Northwest. $5 and up, with $3 specials as well as über fancy bottles.

Non-Alcoholic Refreshments. Bottled NA brews (that don’t suck), italian sodas, and thoughtfully delicious mocktails. $3-6.

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